You Can Always Return to the Source

A few weeks ago I had an extremely busy week, doing a video shoot, a photoshoot, getting two YouTube videos out, posting everyday on Instagram and getting the newsletter out by Sunday.

I was so grateful that I was finally feeling motivated again, grateful that everyone who I asked to be in my video project actually showed up, and that I was finally doing it after sitting on the idea for so long. Also the pictures I took for the two photoshoots I did came out super fire.

So I was feeling elated at the end of the week, but I was also feeling extremely burned out in the next week because I had just gotten a tiny taste of what my life will eventually look like; busy as hell, but rewarding. So of course my anxiety started to kick in. I had a tight grip on my reward because I was scared that it might slip through my fingers and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. So scared, that I forgot how I even got the reward.

Sometimes when we get caught up in enjoying all of life’s blessings we forget to stop and say thank you because we’re in tunnel vision mode.

We get so focused on the end goal, (the future) that we forget to be present in the moment. We forget to reflect on why we are here and appreciate where we are.

We forget to stop and say, “Wow I’ve never been here before.” or “Wow I’ve prayed for times/feelings like this.”

When we don’t take the time to stop and reflect, it can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves because we are caught up on the outside world rather than what’s actually going on internally. I was so proud of myself (internal) at the end of the week but my fear of not being able to keep up (external) overpowered that feeling in the next week.

But remember you cannot control what happens outside of you. You can only control what’s happening inside. I can’t keep control of my destiny all I can do is stay focused on why I’m here.

Somewhere along the way I forgot to stop and smell the roses. I forgot to stop and take it all the way in.

Why would I stop and appreciate the flowers though? I’m here now, I’m happy. Life is good.

I had to remind myself who gave me those beautiful flowers. (blessings)

I had to remind myself why life is good though, and why I’m here.

I’m here on behalf of a higher power. Not my behalf. I wouldn’t be where I am if Spirit (that’s what I call my higher power as of now) didn’t listen to my heart. I have to keep my spiritual well being (inner/mental well being) at the center and everything else should revolve around it.

We are literally extensions of something/someone more powerful than us. This higher power walks with us daily, it hears our heart, it hears our thoughts and especially so, if you have already made a connection with them in some way. Meaning maybe you started going back to church, reading your bible, maybe you’ve gotten into crystals or your dreams have become clearer, maybe you started wearing your hijab again, etc.

When we are inconsistent in tending to our spiritual needs, we get extremely caught up in trying to control everything because we are disconnected from our intuition. (our inner knowing/feelings) Our intuition is fueled by Spirit though.

In the draft of this post I wrote that we have to remember to always return to source energy, but then I realized there was a bigger meaning in that statement. We shouldn’t always have to return. Yes, we will always be welcomed back with open arms but, you can’t have an inconsistent relationship with Spirit/God/Allah/Yahweh etc and then expect consistent results from them. It just doesn’t work like that.

Even if it means meditating or journaling for few minutes, reading a book, writing out some scriptures, saying affirmations or just anything that tends to your spiritual/inner well being, take the time to do it. You owe it yourself and Spirit, after all the blessings they’ve sent your way and all of the blessings they have coming your way too.

If this resonated, I would love to know!

Sending my love + light.

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