Three FAQ About My Blog

I’ve had a few people ask me if I get paid to blog, how many people read my blog, why did I start it
in the first place, etc. so I wanted to answer all of those questions. First of all I just want to point out
that the reason I started my blog is listed in the purpose section of my website but I’m still going to
break it down later in this post.
The first thing I’m really itching to touch on is how many people read my blog. I do not watch my
stats page, therefore, I do not know about how people read my content. I don’t go crazy about
numbers because I know that in time those will come. I honestly did not start my blog with the hopes
of going viral or gaining a ton of followers. I started it because I genuinely enjoy writing and the
whole process of creating a post, creating graphics, planning when a post a post will go up, editing
pictures, etc. I love that whole process so the amount of people who read my blog or follow me on
Instagram really doesn’t discourage me much. Of course I would be ecstatic to know that a large
amount of people are reading and relating to my content but like I stated above in time that will
I also see my blog as a portfolio for future employers. I can put my website on my resume because
I have writing samples, thumbnails, edited pictures, etc. All things that employers in the media and
communication field would want to see. With that being said, no I do not get paid to do this. The
only way to get paid through blogging is through AdSense (which I haven’t set up because I don’t
have a large following yet and to be honest I don’t like the look of ads on a blog) and through brand
My goal in life isn’t to be rich and famous, I’m a very simple girl. People will say things like
“blogging is out now” or “no one reads blogs anymore” but to be honest, number one, other bloggers
(which there are a lot of) read blogs. Number two I have a passion for writing and creating content so
a blog was the perfect option for me. I get to display my writings on a creative platform, so why
would I stop just because it’s not “in” anymore?
Along with my passion for writing and creating content, my experiences through 2016-2017 is what
inspired me to start this blog (see purpose). Of course I have intentions to expand, I won’t only be
blogging for the rest of my career but for right now I’m comfortable with this. My blog still isn’t
100% where I want it to be, so I’m going to continue working at it and perfecting it until I feel
like there is nothing more that I can give to this platform, which will probably be never! lol


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