Back to School Essentials & How I’m Preparing Myself

Classes will be back in session in about a week or two so I wanted to share a couple of my back to

school essentials and what I’ve been doing to prepare myself for getting back into the school groove.

First let me start off with my essentials:

Some people prefer notebooks but in my opinion a binder just makes more sense especially if you
get the divider tabs that have folders. You can keep all your paperwork for each class organized. I 
usually have one class that I know is going to be a bit harder than the rest and for that I’ll buy a
I haven’t used an actual pencil case since middle school lol. But just something to keep all my pens,
pencils, lip balm, lip gloss, compact mirror, metro card etc, is an absolute must for me when school 

These are my all time favorite pens. They don’t get ink all over my fingers, don’t pop easily, and I
don’t know it’s just something about a good black pen that I love. Let me know if you can relate lol.

Even though I usually have folder pockets in my binder, I like to have one separate folder apart from 
the binder. I like to use this separate folder for old notes, graded homework and tests, and notices 
given from the school. I carry around this folder just in case I need to reference or study from my 
older notes. When the folder gets too thick I empty it and put the papers into a massive folder that I 
have at home.
I like to switch between a large tote and a book bag throughout the school year. It honestly depends 
on my mood and the weather.
So now that I’ve went over my essentials, which are pretty standard, I want to get into what I’ve been
doing to mentally prepare myself.
  • Thoroughly cleaning and redecorating my room. I am actually going to make a post about the 
          redecorating of my room. But for right now I’ll just say that my room is super uninspiring and
         just need a change of scenery to get me feeling more motivated. 
  • Doing things I’ve been putting off (can’t say because I don’t like to speak on things that are in 
          its beginning stages)
  • Getting back on track with my routines such as going to the gym, eating more, writing more,
  • Last, but definitely not least, I’ve been saving up money for school related expenses.
So that concludes my back to school post. I’ve been feeling really anxious about starting college
again so I have just been trying to make sure that I have everything I need and that my mind is 
clear and ready for school. I am happy to have been able to release some of my anxiety in writing 
this post. 
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