Summer Beauty Favorites

Honestly it has been a challenge trying to incorporate beauty on to my blog and I still haven’t figured

out exactly what I am doing but I’m just going to test things out, see how I like it, and see how the
readers like it.
So for my first beauty post I wanted to share with you my favorite beauty products this summer.
1. NYX Shiny Lipgloss
This lipgloss truly does live up to its name. It is a super duper shiny lipgloss that doesn’t feel sticky or
dry out your lips after having it on for several hours. I heard that this gloss was discontinued because
NYX recently released their new line of lingerie lip glosses which included a clear gloss.
2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil
Let me reiterate that I said the brow pencil, not this wiz ladies. The brow pencil gives your eyebrows
a very natural, yet, bold look. It is also extremely easy to apply and work with; great for beginners!
3. Maybelline ‘the falsies’ Pushup Drama Waterproof Mascara
This mascara is extremely waterproof. It does not budge for anything, which in most cases is a good
thing. On the other hand it can be a con sometimes because not even a makeup wipe can remove this
mascara, I often have to use an oil to slide it off my lashes. Along with being waterproof, it also has a
very small brush allowing for each lash to get an even, full coat of mascara.
4. Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector
There is no doubt in my mind that this primer can work for everyone. It literally fills in your pores
leaving a smooth matte finish for your makeup to adhere to. Along with being smooth and matte, it
also dries white, but do not worry it won’t be noticeable under your makeup. I would also suggest
making sure, even if you have oily skin (because this primer is EXTREMELY matte), that you
properly moisturize your face before applying the primer because it can have your makeup looking
and feeling dry all day. I have combination skin, but lately I’ve been more on the oily side, so I just
spray my face with rose water before applying this primer.
5. Mielle Organics Flexible Hold Edge Gel
Yes, my last favorite is a hair product. This edge control, or edge gel I should say, is the BOMB. One
my biggest pet peeves with edge control is when they start to flake up. I have used this edge control
everyday for about 10 days and still I see not one flake in hair. I’m in love and never buying a
different edge control ever again. Most importantly it keeps my edges and baby hairs laid all day. 
That’s all that really matters, right?
So here you all have it my favorite summer beauty products. I hope I put you guys on to the goods
and let me know if you liked this post or if I should do more beauty posts. 
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