About Me

Hello all and welcome to my website. If you ended up on this page, you’ve probably been browsing around already, and now you’re like, “Who is the girl behind all of these beautifully dropped gems?” Well it’s ME, Ciara Douglas (middle name Jewel).

I am a 21 year old creative from Queens, NY. This blog is like my first born child, but I have about 4 more children and their names are YouTube, graphic design, photography and videography. So yeah, I’m into a little bit of everything! Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on IG to keep up with all of my creative content.

Besides all of that I am just a regular young woman in her early 20s learning how to love myself and my find my footing in the world.

I have plenty of posts on here for you to read, so after you exit this page, browse around some more and sign up for my newsletter too so you can have access to exclusive content! Let me know through my contact form, what you guys think of the website, a specific post, or whatever you want!