The Best Recipe for Healing

Welcome back thanks for reading! Before I get into 4 ways you can begin your healing journey I want to remind everyone that these four steps aren’t a recipe (GOTCHA) for healing, they are more like a pattern to follow in order to manage your journey. There’s going to be highs and lows, different feelings everyday so how we manage this journey is essential to not slipping back into those toxic, negative mindsets.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings

This means it’s time to stop avoiding your feelings. Be honest and ask yourself, “How am I feeling today?” (I ask myself this everyday now) Sometimes your feeling a lot of things at the same time and it feels overwhelming (that would be anxiety checking in lol) But journaling really helps with this because you are literally pulling the thoughts out of your head and getting them onto paper where they make a lot more sense.

  1. Accept your feelings

Sometimes the reason we avoid our feelings is because we feel like we don’t have the time to deal with them. We don’t want to slow down because we feel like we’re going to miss out something. But the only thing we’re really missing out on is true happiness and getting to know ourselves. So, this is where knowing that what’s for you will always be for you, comes in. Take the time to sit in your feelings for a while. Your friends, plans, dreams etc. aren’t going anywhere. This is the hardest and most vulnerable part of the healing process so don’t let anyone try to make you feel bad for being depressed, basically.

  1. Identify what you need and what you don’t

So healing is all about getting down to the bottom of the things, right? While I was healing (still am) I did a lot of thinking about how I got to where I was mentally. Pinpointing and replaying moments to decipher what went wrong in them. I would think about what I needed to hear in that moment, what I could have done differently, say no next time, say yes, shouldn’t have taken them back, etc. You have to think about all of these things. Because it’s these little moments that really build and make up all of the suppressed feelings.

  1. Take your time

Healing isn’t linear. One day you’ll feel like you are perfectly healed and over it all and the next day you’re back at square one so it’s not something that should be rushed. It’s personal and natural. If you feel like you’re forcing it, you probably are. Just take your time and be really nice to yourself.

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