There’s a Difference Between Self Love and Self Care?

Hey! Welcome back and thanks for reading. So as we all know, self care and self love has become a trend, which is weird to admit, but it has. That’s a topic for another blog post or YouTube video. Anywho, it’s trending now and since it is I think a lot of people have got the two confused. And with a lot of young and impressionable people having access to social media, I really wanted to clarify a few things.

So, I think the main difference between self love and self care is the mental and the physical. A lot of times, we get the two confused because we think well, “If I take good care of my appearance then that means that I love myself. I’m keeping myself up, so I love me. I know I’m not ugly on the outside so I love that, I love myself.” But what about what’s going on inside of you? Think about it like that. You appear to be great on the outside but what is going on inside?

You can look good on the outside but do you feel good on the inside? That’s the difference.

Self love is talking to yourself daily, whether it be through affirmations out loud, or just regular dialogue to yourself. I know it sounds crazy to just talk to yourself but that’s literally what you have to do sometimes because you’re unlearning habits that were engrained into your brain. You have to talk yourself through things when you’re having a moment, you have to be super aware of your environment, the people you’re around and how your boundaries are going to be tested. So you see self love is very much a mental thing. It involves a whole lot of thinking before acting.

Self care on one hand is like the flyer on the cheer team. The flyer (self care) makes the team (you) look great with all of those fancy tricks, right? But if you know anything about cheer or you’ve seen any cheer related movies then you should know that if your base (self love, babies) isn’t solid the entire team falls to the ground and some of them can get seriously injured on that fall to the ground. The flyer cannot fly without its base, ok? And the team is gonna lose and be out here looking crazy. Simple!

My last point that I think really sums up the difference between self love and self care is that there are many options to self care because it’s whatever you need it to be. Self care can be shopping, getting your nails and hair done, face masks, taking a walk, reading, smoking a blunt or drinking (RESPONSIBLY), taking a nap, etc. There are so many options. But when it comes to self love the only option is you. There is no amount of self care that you can do, that will erase how you feel on the inside. No amount, my loves.

Self care and self love are very different, in my personal opinion, but they still go hand in hand to support each other. I am really curious to hear other opinions on this so leave me a comment, send me an email or a dm and let’s start a conversation. Sign up for my newsletter (homepage) and check out my YouTube video on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

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