Choose Yourself First Always

Hey welcome back and thanks for reading! If you guys have been keeping up with my posts then you know that I am embarking on an active self love journey, which means that I am trying to find ways to practice self love almost every day because like Will Smith said, “Self discipline is the definition of self love.”

So one of the things this self love journey is teaching me is that I need to be a little bit more selfish with my energy. So naturally as human beings, we want to foster relationships. We don’t want to be lonely because we were literally made to love, in my personal opinion. But sis, I really need to express to you how important it is to choose yourself first, ALWAYS.

This goes for friendships and romantic relationships. I know that sometimes when we are in the midst of these relationships it can be hard to see people’s true colors or hard to ACCEPT their true colors. Therefore, you can’t see how they’re draining you of all your good, loving energy. Your emotions are clouding your vision and you want to try and make something work out of, in most cases, nothing.

Listen, take a step back and really assess what they have done for you. Did your friend seem genuinely happy for you when you shared the good news? Does she always have something negative to say about what you have going on, such as your love life, your career, etc? Is she always trying to gossip about your other friends?

Just think about it.

Did you send that BOY (emphasis on boy, ok?) a whole paragraph and he replied with a one word answer? Do you waste your time and breath arguing with a boy, just for the same argument to keep coming up over and over again because his behavior won’t change? And then here is the most important question to ponder when it comes to romantic relationships, is your love being reciprocated?

Just think on that.

Our 20’s are crucial so some of these little friendships and relationships that we think are supposed to last forever are really only supposed to last until we’ve learned a lesson. Because that’s what our 20’s are for, learning. So as we are learning we really only need people in our lives who are going to add value to it and add value to the women that we are working so hard to become.

Just cut them off sis.


Take it from me, I know how it feels to constantly give in relationships and not receive anything back. I know how it feels to constantly be the bigger person and ignore the negative comment a friend made. It’s literally draining you and the longer you stay in these situations the harder it will be to undo the damage. You’ll develop major trust issues, which will leave you closed off to genuine love in future relationships AND friendships.

So to sum it up and put it very simply, you are worth so much more than temporary relationships that could have permanent effects. You deserve to give and receive genuine love.

Choose you.

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