I Went All the Way to Los Angeles By Myself

So I decided to take a vacation to Los Angeles all by myself; since a good amount of people were surprised and asking questions about why I went alone, I wanted to outline my four reasons for going.

1. My life is always on go, go, go and I DESERVE a vacation. I’ve accomplished so many things, crossed so many milestones and that was it. I was overjoyed for a hot minute and then it would be time to snap back into reality. There has NEVER been any time in my life to just sit back, relax, enjoy my wins and not worry about anything.

2. I love my city but I have been dying to travel the world and see new places. Sometimes I just feel so stuck and boxed in here.

3. I’ve never been on a legitimate vacation. Anytime my parents claimed I was going on “vacation”, it was going down south to Virginia, Georgia, or North Carolina to visit my father. I was very young so it wasn’t like a vacation to me, it was just leaving one parent to go stay with the other.

4. Now that I’m able to afford taking myself on vacation, why not? I’m 20 years old with money and no obligations. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t travel.

5. Why am I going to hold myself back from traveling when I want to, just because I can’t find someone to come with me? I don’t have time for that, time waits for NO ONE.

Beautiful artwork at The Broad

I wanted to close this post with a mini rant by saying when I made the decision that I was going to save for this trip, I didn’t tell anyone until I booked my flight and a place to stay. And I was absolutely right to do that because people act like they can’t understand how or why I would go across the country by myself. For the most part, I do things by myself every single day so the only difference is that I was in another state! Let me LIVE.

I have a lot of pictures to share with you guys and there will most likely be a post up about how solo travel has had an effect on my mental.

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