Living Up to My Purpose

So last year my word of the year was ‘unapologetic’ because I grew extremely tired of being scared of other’s people’s opinions and came out my shell more than ever before. I never thought I could put myself out there on a personal level on the internet. I mean I have made YouTube videos before but I guess being more active on Instagram and having a whole website to myself felt more personal. Maybe because I have to promote my blog more than I did with YouTube because your videos can get views without promotion.

But anyways this year my word of the year is ‘purpose’. 2018 taught me to be unapologetic, to be confident in all my decisions and creative abilities, but another thing that I started to grasp towards the end of the year is living with purpose. In my post titled “Year 20” I wrote that I had found my passion, which I would also call my purpose. Now it is one thing to know your purpose but it is another thing to live it. I could be the best blogger in the world, have all these crazy different ideas, but if I’m not making the appropriate decisions behind the scenes that would ultimately support my ideas and my passion for writing/blogging then I will never reach my end goals. In other words, if I’m not executing my ideas then I will never reach my full potential.

I learned that even my smallest bad habits are becoming detrimental to my future because they build up; even though there are different habits, they are all having the same effects. I’ve come to the conclusion that the person that I am today is not living up to how I envision myself in the future, because of all of my small habits.

I’m beginning to understand that the main component in living up to my purpose everyday is self discipline. The amount of work that goes into becoming the best version of myself sometimes overwhelms me because there are a lot of components that go into it, with self discipline being the most challenging one followed by consistency and living with intention everyday. Meaning not just taking life day by day, but seeing the bigger picture.

Like I said in one of my recent posts though, the first step to becoming a better me is acknowledging that there is something that needs to fixed. It can be overwhelming sometimes but I know that with hard work it will become natural to me one day. After all the only person who has the power to bring on significant change in my life is me, if not me, then who?

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