Year 20.

This year for me has been all about mental growth, confidence, stepping out of my comfort zone and being unapologetic, but I have to say I don’t know about anyone else, but in the days leading up to my 20th birthday I was feeling very anxious and even trying to free write this post was almost making me feel anxious as well. I guess that could turn into another post once I get my thoughts clear.

But in the mean time, in order to decrease my anxiety, I’ve decided to break this post down into 6 milestones, I guess you could call them, that I am extremely proud to have accomplished this year.

1.I started my blog

I’ve wanted to start a blog since 2016, but I was honestly too scared of being judged by my peers. I also didn’t have any clue (at first) what I was going to write about or how to even start one. But I pushed through all of these hurdles and prevailed, I finally got Gems up and popping on April 9, 2018.

2. I found my passion


So I can definitely say that this year I have found my passion. I found what it is that I truly enjoy doing for myself, something that doesn’t depend on any other source besides myself. I love creating content, I have discovered that I not only enjoy writing for my blog but I love creating graphics and cool visuals for my Instagram. Through buying my camera I have discovered that there is a little love for photography as well.

When I finally got my logo and business cards that is when I really realized, like “Wow, I love this!”

3. I got a new job

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My new job this year has helped me tremendously in funding my new found passion. Obviously being a waitress won’t be the end all, be all for me career wise but I like my job; for the most part I love my co workers, and it is helping me achieve a lot of my personal goals.

4. I went back to college

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This year I made the decision to go back to college. Since I have found my purpose, it was sort of easy for me to decide what types of classes I wanted to take, thus deciding on a major.

5. I began the process of starting my business.

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I really was not going to say anything about starting my business until it was actually definite and in the works. But I’m in the beginning baby stages of starting it and it has been very difficult for me to collect all the information I needed to even get to these beginning stages. I have a very long way to go but I am still extremely proud of myself because the old me would have given up at the first challenge.

6. My photoshoot during the summer


I have never liked taking pictures ever; not for school, family functions, or parties, even if my face was beat and my outfit was on point, it did not matter. I hated taking pictures. But since I started blogging in April I obviously realized that I had to get accustomed to taking a lot of full body pictures. It was a long time coming, I practiced taking pictures in the park, I learned what poses look good on me and how to angle my face. I finally got to the point where I was confident enough to have a photoshoot. This was a very big deal because me taking pictures in PUBLIC with someone I don’t even know (he was great by the way) behind the camera? Wow. Two years ago, Ciara would NEVER.

So that concludes my summary of my 20th year on this earth. I would encourage anyone who reads this, to do what I did and list all the things you’ve accomplished or new habits you’ve established since your last birthday so you can see how much you have grown and be proud of yourself because you deserve it.

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