Why the Butterfly is Symbolic to Me

At the end of my senior year of high school, my friends and I were on the hunt for the perfect

supplies to personalize our graduation caps. I chose to use butterflies and ever since then I’ve 
basically been obsessed with anything butterfly.

My graduation cap

This might just be the shortest post ever on my blog because the reason why I fell in love with

butterflies is pretty straightforward. So let me just get into it.
I feel like I am literally a butterfly, we are all butterflies lol! The metamorphosis of a butterfly is
literally the ongoing cycle of life. This is why I love them so much and have to have anything with
butterflies on it because I like to reminded that life is a process. Life is constant metamorphosis. 
When we are learning, we are a caterpillar, when we get in that cocoon that is us going through our
lows, acknowledging emotions, and when we come out of that cocoon with our beautiful new wings, 
we fly, we have grown. 
The butterfly is just so symbolic to me in that way because it’s metamorphosis, literally embodies the
human experience of constantly learning new things and becoming better each time. How can I not
be obsessed?
This was more of a personal post, like a ramble, free write. I just wanted to get a little deeper into a
fun fact about myself.

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