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Journal Entry 2: 7/8/18, 8:28am (Free Write)

I’m starting to feel better about my writing. I’m making content plans again I just need a day to get on

the ball and actually create some content. I’m starting to feel excited again. I purchased two books

yesterday. I’m trying to make it a goal of mine to read all my books this summer. Also another

practice that I would love to implement is to read or write before I do anything else in the morning.

I’m enjoying the single life not having to answer to anyone, not worrying about how my actions could

affect another human, not feeling obligated to someone, etc. Being single is being free. I feel so free.

I’m trying to get into cool graphic design, implement fashion and beauty on my blog, and make my

brand theme somewhat apparent. I’m super excited because I might revive my YouTube channel for

the sake of my blog. But I would only promote on my blog. So you would to come from my blog or

read my blog to know about my YouTube channel.

8:40 am

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