Day in the Life ft Trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden & Mini Initial Camera Review


I promised myself this year that I would stay consistent with my blog and creating my own brand

because it truly is a dream of mine to have my own brand/business and be an influencer of some sort.
So as a way to take the next step, well one of the first steps I should say, in expanding my brand I
decided to buy a professional camera. I purchased the Canon SX530 because I’ve heard and read so 
many good reviews about it and it seemed like the go to for beginner bloggers or vloggers. 
So the camera came with an adapter, a battery, a lens cap, and a neck strap. I purchased a 64gb
memory card, a carrying case and a tripod separately and everything came up to $324 which I don’t
think is bad considering all the accessories I got. It has a really cool feature where you can sync your
phone up to the camera allowing you to download pictures from the camera directly to your phone.
You can also use the app as a viewfinder and a clicker for when you are ready to snap a shot of
yourself. So far I am loving it. I still have to learn how to tinker around with the settings and better
edit my pictures; but with all that being said of course I had to go outside to test it out.

 I always wanted to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and I knew it would be the perfect place to 
test out my new Canon. So I text my cousin to come with me and we took some beautiful pictures. It 
was the perfect day to go because it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too chilly. The sun was hitting in all 
the right places and the vibes were perfect. I saw a lot of elderly people enjoying the views along
with a young woman wheeling her grandma around the garden. I have to say seeing that really
touched me for some reason. Maybe because I know how families can forget about their elders and
this young woman and her grandma both looked so happy and amazed by all the beauty. Everyone 
looked so happy, even the bees because with all those flowers around they definitely weren’t
concerned with us.
     After walking around the garden for about two hours we went on journey food. We first decided to
go into this place called Brooklyn Point where there was this big food court with a bunch of different
styles of food. There were so many styles of food to pick from that I was overwhelmed and decided
we should just go to Junior’s down the block. When we got there I realized they did not have a lot
of variety on the menu so we went back to Brooklyn Point and enjoyed some delicious, authentic
Chinese food at a place called Han Dynasty. That my friends was a summary of my day and I
promise to take more pictures next time of the food and things like that. I’m still new at this blogging
thing so bare with me guys. Until next time. xoxo

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