The word of the year for me would definitely have to be “unapologetic”. To me unapologetic means

not having any regrets when it comes to your opinions or decisions because at one point there was a

significant reason why you were confident in them.

As humans it is normal for us to doubt ourselves which is why it is important to understand and be

confident in your purpose behind anything. Why are you blogging? What makes you different? What

is your original message? Assuming that if you’re reading this post, you know all the answers to

these questions already. You probably spent a lot of time trying to find those answers so why when

everything is said and done, are you going to doubt yourself? Don’t waste your time stressing and

regretting the decisions/opinions you are confident in.

Before starting my blog I would get caught up in self doubt, caring about what others were doing and

what others would think about what I’m doing. I almost let these things stop me from starting my

blog all together. It’s so easy to give up on an idea when you’re doubting yourself and haven’t even

started trying yet. But eventually, I got tired of being scared and decided to just go for it without any

hesitation. I decided to turn off all those discouraging thoughts and figured that if I worked hard with

genuine intentions everything would work out how it’s supposed to. I worked hard everyday trying

to get the website up as soon as possible because I did not want to let the idea sit for too long again or

those thoughts would come back. I also figured that once the website was up and running it would be

hard for me to stop working at it which was definitely true.

So don’t doubt yourself, don’t worry about others and keep pushing yourself to the max. Face your

goals and your dreams head on and be unapologetic.

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