2017 GEMS (Lessons Learned)

Even though we are basically half way through 2018, I wanted to share some gems that 2017

dropped on me. For the most part I have remained consistent in applying these lessons to 2018.

  • Don’t ignore the red flags in any situation when you first see them.
I have a big heart so I love to give people the benefit of the doubt but 2017 taught me that when I spot
a red flag, I need to analyze it and if it doesn’t seem right then it needs to be cut out of my life without
thinking twice.
  • Solitude is imperative.
Solitude is imperative on your journey through to self discovery. Spending time alone gives you the 
opportunity to understand who you are at your core. When you don’t have any outside influences
it is easier to streamline your thoughts and consider what is best for you, what are your core values,
what you want from life, what you like to do, or how you feel about yourself in general. If you
don’t take the time to reflect alone you will never truly know yourself and then when it comes time to 
make important decisions, you’ll struggle. You’ll go to other people for help and trust me,
subconsciously, you’ll make those important decisions based on the influence of other people rather
than your own.
  • Self-love is imperative.
Self-love is important mentally and physically because if you can’t love yourself, you have nothing 
to give to the rest of the world. If you can’t be kind or respect yourself then others won’t either. Set

the standard for yourself, follow it and then others will follow suit as well.

  • Plan and save ahead.
I have a really bad habit of procrastinating but 2017 definitely showed me that planning ahead will
save me a lot of stress. When I plan and save my money ahead I’m not scrambling last minute trying
to make things perfect, which stresses me out a ton because 9 times out of 10 things will not be
perfect at the last minute.
  • You will grow apart from some people and that is okay.
At this age we are trying to find ourselves. We’re trying new things, meeting new people, going new
places, etc. All these new things in our lives have an influence on us believe it or not and can change
the people we want to surround ourselves with or vice versa. Because of this sometimes we may drift
away from those friends we had in high school or maybe even before that and that is perfectly fine
because we are all becoming new people everyday at this age. I learned to take nothing personal and 
to not feel bad for not feeling compelled to be friends with someone anymore just because we had
been friends for so long. 
  • Be confident and think positive.
Confidence is the key to accomplishing most goals and dreams. When you start to get discouraged
and feel those negative thoughts come on just take some breaths and fill your brain with positive
  • I have complete control over my life.
This was one of my most important lessons of 2017. At one point I was just settling for a lot of the
toxic situations and habits that became a part of my daily life. My logic behind this was that it is what
it is, but I was wrong, it is what I make it. I’m the only person who can remove the toxicity from my 
life, I have the power to remove people, to change habits, etc.  Sometimes making major changes in 
your life can be stressful and a lot of work but trust me in the end it will all be worth it.
  • Don’t stress what I can’t control.
This is simple, I won’t waste my energy or time on things that are completely out of my hands. I
definitely left that in 2017.
  • Remember the days I didn’t have everything that I so badly wanted.
When I find myself complaining about having to go to work or having to take care of certain
responsibilities, I learned to take a step back and remember that I am blessed to have these 
responsibilities. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live an everyday normal life. So I just remind
myself to be grateful.
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