The Little Things pt 1

When life is getting hectic meaning your boyfriend is cheating on you, you aren’t seeing eye to eye

with your parents, you’re failing a class, you fell off at the gym, or you only have $300 to get you

through the month, what do you do? Do you allow your stressors to consume you and your overall

mood? If you answered yes then I have a solution for you that might be helpful.

Let me just remind you that you are not your problems. You shouldn’t let the stress consume you to

the point that it becomes a part of you  meaning try not to internalize it or carry these things on your

mind 24/7. Because honestly if you are failing that class, should you really be thinking about how

your boyfriend cheated on you with the next girls, last week? No. Should you be taking more notes

though? Yes.

Most of the time the things that stress us out the most are the things that cannot be quickly fixed

which is why I want you all to know how important it is to take care of yourself by indulging in the

little things that bring you peace. (PEACE AND POSITIVITY ALL 2018) Whether it be binge

watching Netflix or YouTube videos, drinking your favorite tea, eating your favorite food or

whatever it is that you like; pick one day to do all of those things. Taking the time to do some of the

little things that always brought you peace can be refreshing and will also prepare you to be ready to

tackle the everyday stressors with a fresh set of eyes and a brain. When you don’t take a step back the

stress can feel never ending and you may find yourself going in circles trying to make it end.

So relax and take a break from stressing out all the time. Pick a day, write down all the things you

want to do and do them or just do nothing at all whatever makes you happy. Just remember that your

stress is temporary and sometimes all you need to do is take a step back to get your mental back in


This post was pretty short but I think I got my message across. If you tried this or have any questions

just shoot me an email DM me on Instagram. xoxo

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