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Journal Entry 1: 4/21/18, 12:12am (Free Write)

The days keep going and going, time keeps ticking. It waits for no one and I’m constantly feeling

behind and like I have to catch up. I try to remember that what’s for me will be for me always and that

everyone’s journey is different and takes time. There is no instant gratification, I have to work hard

and stay consistent. I’m learning that. Recently I’ve become extremely ambitious. I think it’s due to

the fact that I just finished school and all I have been doing is working my part time job. So now I’m

like okay what’s next for me? Well mostly I’ve been focused on my creative outlets to be completely

honest with myself I have been applying to medical assistant positions and other jobs but as

vigorously as I know I could be. I plan to go to my school this week for some career services. I got

into QCC and I’m going to go back to college officially. I’m actually really proud of myself for

seriously making the decision. I’ll go there, recover my GPA then transfer to SPS like I want. I’m

starting to come to terms with moving. I feel like it will be good for me to get away from here and

focus on school and my other creative outlets and future business endeavors. So I’m actually really

looking forward to that. As far as my creative outlets go I really don’t know how I feel about

YouTube anymore. I don’t think I feel comfortable expressing my true self on there. Lowkey feel

like it’s a bit overrated now. I like the idea of my blog better. Aesthetics, writings, moods. The only

thing is that I want to be apart of the beauty community and the majority are on Instagram or

YouTube. So I don’t know. I think I’m back to the idea of creating my own website where I can

maybe post videos. Or simply write reviews on beauty products or show my makeup on here. I

don’t know. It feels good to write out all the things that clog my brain on a daily.

12:34 am

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  • Reply Christina Saturne April 25, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    I'm gonna be super honest and say that I love what you're doing here love. I didn't know you were so expressive and just looking through your website and reading your journal entries, I see your growth and it inspires me to do the same in terms of creating a blog maybe down the line. It's beautiful to see this side of you. Keep growing love. I support it ❤️ – Christina S.

  • Reply Ciara Jewel April 26, 2018 at 11:40 am

    Aww thank you Chrissy I really appreciate it and if you ever wanna start one hmu lml

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