I saw this meme on Instagram the other day and it said 2016: the caterpillar, 2017: the cocoon, and

 2018: the butterfly. It was such a relatable timeline being that 2017 was a very trying year for me. I

started learning a lot about myself and how my outlook on everyday situations, or just life in general,

have a very strong impact on my everyday mood and overall, growth. Often times we get comfortable

 in our ruts because we know we want better for ourselves. Unfortunately just knowing you want

better isn’t going to help you get better. We get stuck in our toxic lifestyles and negative thinking so

much so, that we start to settle and justify this behavior with phrases like, “it is what it is.” Wrong. It

is what you make it.

I had to go through the emotions over and over again until one day it clicked and I just decided to

force myself out of the depressed and pessimistic state of mind I was in. At first it is going to be

highly challenging to get out of that negative comfort zone, I would know because I am honestly still

struggling with it too. But I know for a fact that if I continue to practice positive behaviors and

thoughts, it will become natural one day and the same for you.

It’s okay to go through the emotions and be down for a while because I know from experience, going

through that process will only make you stronger in the long run. It will also help you track your

growth as a person. This year just begun and I am already seeing growth. I often catch myself, “If

this would’ve happened a year or two ago I would be in shambles right now.” This is what keeps me

motivated to continue practicing positive behaviors.

You can’t stay down for too long though because at the end of the day this is your own life and only

you have the complete power to get the best out of it. There are going to be setbacks, but how will

you grow if you don’t go through these setback experiences? You won’t, so don’t wallow in your self

pity and self doubt for too long because any and everything you want to be is already in you. You

just have to remember that and make the decision one day.

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