Hello all and welcome to my blog. If you’re reading this you’re the real MVP and thank you for your

support. I just want to introduce my blog and tell you all what it will consist of.

First let me touch on the name of my blog. I was inspired by the phrase, “drop a gem on ’em” or “let 

me drop a gem on you“. A couple years back when my Nana was telling me something meaningful, I

have no idea what it was I cannot recall, but it always stuck with me. I want my readers to have

something that sticks with them every time they read one of my posts whether it be a lesson learned,

encouragement or motivation. Maybe you all won’t be able to relate to all of my posts but if one post

can serve as a gem for you then the purpose of my blog will be fulfilled.

Second let’s talk about what this platform will be centered around. For the most part I will be

focusing on the everyday trials and tribulations of the journey through self discovery (finding our

purpose). Self discovery to me is knowing exactly who you are , what you are worth and your morals

as a young woman as well as discovering your purpose in this world. I, myself have not reached the

destination on my journey so I know how stressful and discouraging it can be sometimes. We are

constantly learning, becoming better, evolving, and I know for myself it can feel even more stressful

when you feel alone and like no one understands. (Especially when you can’t even understand

yourself sometimes and that’s the toughest part right there).

I want this platform to serve as an outlet for myself and other young women to show you all that you

are not alone on your jounrneys. Be sure to check out my other posts and browse around my website,

click that YouTube link and subscribe. If you have anything questions, want advice or any

constructive criticism, want to be my mentor? Email me at xoxo

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